Delivery to Charter Colony, August 8

Hello Everyone,

We are looking forward to our Host Home delivery to Charter Colony in Midlothian on Monday, August 8th. As always, we are glad to accept orders up 48 hours before delivery.  You can place your order by emailing me or by going to our website order page.

We are well-stocked on most cuts of BEEF listed on our pricing page with the exception of brisket, flank, skirt and hanger steak.  We have whole CHICKENS, leg quarter packs, and wings available.  As far as PORK, we have ground pork, breakfast sausage (hot and medium), sweet italian links, chorizo links, andouille links and boston butt roasts.  All pricing is on the pricing page.  We also have an abundant supply of EGGS!!
Thanks so much and we hope to see you on Monday the 8th,
Ruth Ann
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