Deer Run Farm of Amelia is located on 200 acres in Amelia County Virginia and was co-founded by Robert and Smith Hutchinson in 1975.  Today, the farm is managed by Robert, and he believes in the dramatic health benefits provided in grass-fed beef and other pasture-raised products.  Robert grew up in rural Amelia, where raising livestock was the livelihood of his grandparents.  As you might expect, Robert’s grandfather and father raised grain-fed beef for decades. In 2007, Robert began taking note of the mounting evidence that illustrated the significant health benefits in eating grass-fed vs grain-fed meat.

Robert Hutchinson is a 35 year veteran in animal agriculture. Through the years he has worked extensively with Virginia Tech in the area of forage grasses and pasture management. Robert has an innate understanding of animal psychology and behavior. His techniques lead to reduced stress and injury to animals, higher quality animal products and improved animal welfare. Robert manages all farm operations to include pasture and animal management.

Robert’s children are also actively involved in the workings of the farm.  Kara works alongside her dad in animal management.

It is the collective mission of our family to bring superior grass fed beef to all of our customers.  Deer Run Farm of Amelia is your healthy alternative to food that is raised on factory-like farms.

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