Forest-fed Pork



Our pigs live a great life on the farm, with acres of woods to provide plenty of room to move them around. We plan their growth time around the fall of the year when they are able to forage on acorns in our natural areas and still have access to grassy areas as well. They forage throughout the day and are fed a limited amount of soy-free, Non-GMO feed each day. They are also fed organic vegetables from our garden area! We offer an array of different cuts to include many delicious sausage offerings along with pork chops, roasts and ribs.

Ground Pork (1 lb. pkg.),     $7.50/lb.  Sold out

Sweet Italian Sausage Links (4 per pkg.),     $8.75/lb.

Hot Italian Sausage Links (4 per pkg.),    $8.75/lb.

Medium Breakfast Sausage (Ground),     $8.00/lb.  

Hot Breakfast Sausage (Ground),     $8.00/lb.

Pork Chops, Bone-in (2 per pk.),     $12.50/lb.

Spare Ribs (slab),     $7.50/lb.  Sold out

Boston Butt Roast (Ap. 3 lb. each),     $8/lb.

Picnic Roast (Ap. 3 lb. each),     $8/lb.

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